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8 monitors

SUPER PC™Exclusive Product | Eight LCD/LED Multi-Monitor Stand (Supports 20″ LCDs & 24″ on Top level)

July 14, 2016 superpc 8 Monitor Computer Stands


SUPER PC | Eight LCD Multiple Monitor Desk Stand This unique 8 Monitor Stand is designed to provide a solid, free-standing solution for graphic designers, broadcasters and other users who commonly work with multiple small flat panel TVs, LCDs, or monitors. Features: Independent adjustment of each screen for proper ergonomic alignment Centris Technology provides […]


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8 Monitors

June 28, 2011 superpc Multiple Monitors

The greatest discovery of this era: LCD Monitors:- LCD Monitors that is the Liquid crystal Display monitors is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind in this present point of time for the advertising display. It helps people in having a perfect display without even having any eye problem or any eye […]


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