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3 monitor array

3 Monitor Array

February 2, 2012 superpc Multiple Monitors

Putting together your 3 monitor array is easy if you know what to buy- and I’m going to help you with that, but first let’s talk about why it is that you need to be using multiple monitor technology. Multiple monitor computer systems are the wave of the future- people have discovered that by using […]


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3 Monitor Array and 3 Monitors

June 25, 2011 superpc Multiple Monitors

Maxi vista for Windows along with Screen Recycler for Mac OS X, will allow you to set up the 3 monitor array PC by virtual display drivers and software installed on client side. In the same way Input director and synergy software gives permission to you to use the multiple PCs with their own monitor. […]


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3 Monitor Array: Benefits of an Enhanced Viewing

June 16, 2011 superpc Multiple Monitors

Multiple Monitor systems are a great way to improve productivity at work or simply enhance virtual hobbies. This technology was once exclusive only to professionals of science and business, but is now becoming readily available to everyone. What were once “high dollar” systems are now budget-friendly options to even the most frugal of shoppers. Whether […]


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3 Monitor Array versus 4 Monitor Array

April 10, 2011 superpc Multiple Monitors

3 Monitor Array versus 4 Monitor Array But it’s only one more monitor, right? WRONG! I’m going to discuss the difference between a 3 monitor array and 4 monitor array; including the trading pc hardware you need to get set up correctly. But before we get to the nitty-gritty, I also want to discuss some […]


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