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Trading Computers

December 13, 2012 superpc General

Day traders are rocking the boat using new technology to become more efficient and better at what they do.  Trading computers is really a broad spectrum term that describes a computer designed specifically for day trading.  Generally speaking, a trading computer will have multiple monitors and feature both powerful CPU (central processing unit) and GPU […]


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3 Monitor Computer

December 2, 2012 superpc General

I want to discuss with you the reason that I am able to complete more work in less time.   The days when have a three monitor computer are gone.  It is now common place.  For me, personally, it has been a huge blessing as I am now able to better complete tasks in less time.  […]


3 Monitor Computer,

Array Stands

February 18, 2012 superpc General

By now, nearly everyone that I know is using a multiple monitor set up, but one of the big questions I still get asked frequently is about the various options that you have for array stands.  There are so many cool options that most people are not aware of when they go to purchase an […]


Triple Monitor Desktop

February 6, 2012 superpc General

Triple Monitor Desktop For the modern office worker of nearly any field, using a multiple monitor computer has become a necessity.  In fact, most offices have gone from using a dual monitor computer to using a triple monitor computer.  The result has been an increase in productivity among office workers across the board, with profits […]


Triple Monitor Desktop,

Multiple Monitor Technology

February 2, 2012 superpc General

So who exactly is using multiple monitor technology and why?  Bill Gates, creator of Windows, recently gave an interview with Fortune magazine in which talked about how multiple monitor technology had really transformed his office.  But no only it increases productivity at the Gates camp, it also dramatically increased profits.  For Bill Gates this could […]


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Multiple Monitor Case Study

January 30, 2012 superpc General

A little bit about me:  I run a small consultant business.  I’ve been a day trader since the late 1980’s and a lot of things have happened since then.  I went from relying on telephones and cable news for more information, to using an advanced system with a multiple monitor computer system that helps me […]


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How to Use Multi-Screen Arrays

January 27, 2012 superpc General

Whilst there are quite a few health benefits that will utilizing a multi-screen array for work, I’m basically going to report a few things to consider if you are considering selecting a two display screen array. Number one is your capability to increase multi-tasking.  Utilizing multi-lcd arrays is popular for specialists that need to keep […]


How to Use Multi-Screen Arrays,

Gaming Computer with Multiple Monitors

January 21, 2012 superpc General

If you want to enjoy gaming and I mean really enjoy gaming, then using your 720p plasma just isn’t going to cut it these days.  Most gamers are switching to a much advanced system.  Most gamers have a gaming computer with multiple monitors so that they are better able to play games.  We’re talking 5 […]


Gaming Computer with Multiple Monitors,

8 Monitor Computer

January 15, 2012 superpc General

When you run a business, your goal is to make a profit by offering a good or service in exchange for currency, right?  Well there are other ways to make a profit as well.  There’s an old cliché that goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned. “   This is especially true in business, where […]


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Computer with Multiple Monitors

December 30, 2011 superpc General

A friend of mine named Tony and I were talking a few months ago and he asked me a question that at the time I thought was silly, but now I’m extremely thankful that he asked.  He said, “You’re a day trader, right.”  To which I replied, “Of course, but you knew that already.”  He […]


Computer with Multiple Monitors,

Multi-Screen Video Walls

December 27, 2011 superpc General

Are you looking for a multi-screen video wall for your business, conference display, digital sign or any other reason?  Connecting multiple screens and using a Windows machine to create a large display area, has become a very popular option for many business owners for the purpose of digital signage.  This is also popular for exhibitors […]


Multi-Screen Video Walls,

Day Trading Computer Advantages

December 24, 2011 superpc General

If you ask me to compare the advantages and disadvantages of owning a day trading computer versus owning a normal desktop computer or laptop, I’d probably respond by asking you what’s the difference between making money and losing money in the day trading business.  Because when it comes down to it, it really is that […]


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Dual-Display Monitor

December 21, 2011 superpc General

There may not be anything new about using more than one monitor attached to one computer.  In fact many people already use such setups because the modern graphics card can now accommodate two video outputs.  If you’re considering this setup you should know that it can be very convenient when you have extra information, like […]


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Samsung SCB-4000 1/2" High Resolution XDR Camera

December 18, 2011 superpc General

The Samsung SCB-4000 ½ inch high resolution XDR camera is a high resolution day and night time camera.  It has an A1 chip set and also a ½ inch Ex-View HAD CCD sensor.  So what does that mean?  Well essentially, even in very minimal light (as low as 0.1 lux, which trust me is very […]


Samsung SCB-4000 1/2" High Resolution XDR Camera,

PNY Quadro 6000 6GB GDDR5 Fermi Workstation Card, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), Dual-Link DVI, Dual DisplayPort, Stereo, DirectX 11

December 15, 2011 superpc General

The PNY Quadro 6000 is a 6 GB GDDR Fermi Workstation card using PCI Express 2.0 (x16).  It provides dual-link DVI display port and works well with Directx 11 programs and games.  To put it firmly, this is one robust multi-gpu solution and worth every penny.   So what makes this card so special?  The […]


DirectX 11, Dual DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), PNY Quadro 6000 6GB GDDR5 Fermi Workstation Card,

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