Test Drive: Navigon for Windows Phone 7 |

Test Drive: Navigon for Windows Phone 7

October 25, 2011 superpc Technology News TV

We finally got around to taking Navigon for a test drive. This is one of the first full-featured GPS navigation programs for Windows Phone that does include offline maps. Upon first launch of the application it will require you to download over a Gig’s worth of mapping data to your device. The good thing about having all the map data on the device is so that you won’t have to be taxing your internet connection while driving around. It’s also VERY good when you drive somewhere that does not have a very good internet connection. By having the maps already on the device, you’ll be able to find your way no matter what. When this first came out we all wondered if it integrated with Bing so that you could use Local Scout or Bing Voice Search or Bing Maps to find locations and then easily press a “Navigate” button to deep link the address into Navigon for quick navigation to the location. It turns out, Navigon does not even show up in the Apps list for a location in Bing Maps. That makes it pretty difficult and kind of a pain to get an address into Navigon as a destination. However, Navigon does have some excellent features for finding destinations and points of interest itself. One of my favorite features is the ability to pin locations to your start menu for easy access. This comes in handy if you know you’ll have to go to a few places during the day since you can plan ahead and make quick access live tiles for them. Navigon does NOT announce turns and driving instructions

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